Cooperation agreements between CEEInno Platform and Platform Industrie 4.0 Österreich have been signed today in Prague
Prague, 15. 4. 2019: Cooperation between Central European Platform for Digital Innovations CEEInno and the Austrian state Platform Industrie 4.0 Österreich was further enhanced by the signature of a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the two platforms and the membership of the Austrian platform in CEEInno today.
Smart Business Festival SK 2018
Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic supported the Central European platform CEEInno
Tomáš Hüner, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, supported the Digital Innovation Platform, CEEInno.  The CEEInno platform expands its membership base and invites all interested companies to collaborate in the following areas: Development of new technologies Working with human resources New business and marketing strategies and platform business models Investing in digital transformation Physical and cyber security of digital systems Legal aspects of advanced digitization International co-operation in the field of advanced digitization The applicants can now submit their applications to become members of the CEEInno platform and discuss the topics mentioned above on the new website
After many years of experience in the realization of its projects Visionaries, Czech Export Festival, Smart Business Festival and Cybernetic Revolution, the organization CzechInno initiated an informal grouping of people interested in the topic of digital innovations and related economic and social consequences.
The Export Festival CZ introduced 28 countries
The fifth year of the Export Festival CZ – the project that aimes at presenting business potencial, cultural customs and gastronomic and tourist attractions from all over the world. From the participating countries 10 ambassadors from Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Sudan, Spain and the Russian Federation presented their news in the form of introductory words.The fifth year of the Export Festival CZ is organized by CzechInno in cooperation with its partners.
Prague, 18. 10. 2016: On Wednesday 26.10.2016 opens its doors Smart Business Festival 2016 – Festival of smart business, which aims to promote Czech businesses and give them support to an innovative approach to their business. In two days, nearly 70 speakers from five countries will be presented.
The Smart Business Festival 2016 and the project Visionaries is under the patronage of Kateřina Valachová, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
The Festival of clever business called “Smart Business Festival” which will take place on 26 and 27 October 2016 at the Prague Exhibition Grounds Holešovice and the project Visionaries 2016, got the patronage of Kateřina Valachová, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.
Jan Mládek, minister of Industry and Trade got patronage to all 3 projects supporting innovative business
The 3 unique projects supporting innovative business got the patronage of Jan Mládek, minister of Industry and Trade, which we appreciate. The patronage of the minister Jan Mládek got following projects: Festival of clever and innovative business called “Smart Business Festival”, whi26 and 27 October 2016 at Prague Exhibition Grounds Holešovice The project “Visionaries” concerns the awards of innovative initiatives in the Czech business and will take place on December 8, 2016 in Prague The Export Festival CZ 2017 which showcases information and contacts for international trade and will take place on 14 -15.
The project „Visionaries 2016“ will be held under the patronage of Pavel Bělobrádek, Deputy Minister for Science, Research and Innovation
We are honored that the project Visionaries 2016, which award ceremony will be held  on December 8, 2016 in Prague, will be held under the patronage of Pavel Bělobrádka, Deputy Minister for Science, Research and Innovation. The project “Visionaries” aims to support the innovative potential of Czech companies.
Reactions to the Export Festival 2016 were very good
From 15 -16. 6. 2016. Prague Fairground Křižík`s pavilions hosted the fourth edition of the successful event called Export Festival 2016 to promote and develop export and international business cooperation. Within the exhibition program, series of lectures and B2B meetings presented here more than 80 exhibitors from 33 countries.
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