Why did we decide to launch the CEEInno Platform?

More and more waves of digitization of industry and society are coming very fast and the market situation becomes unclear. It is not clear who is who (a traditional business or a platform?), who provides what services (only digital, analogue or their combination?), in which area and to whom they are targeted (what do we do?) and what is their goal? (are they more likely to help or harm?) There is a need to discuss the opportunities and risks of new technologies as well as their social and economic impacts, legal, security and other connotations. This is why we are launching CEEInno and we invite all those interested in linking information in these areas that are still uncoordinated to the market.

What is the CEEInno platform?

It is an informal stakeholder group of companies, public authorities, academic institutions and scientific and research organizations with a common interest in cooperating in the field of advanced industry digitization, digital innovations and addressing its social and economic consequences.