What is the goal and added value of membership in the CEEInno Platform?


  • To link all the stakeholders
    • physically within jointly organized events
    • online within a common system for sharing information, experience and collaboration offers¨
  • To enable effective sharing of contacts, experience and knowledge in a regional, national and transnational context
  • To provide opportunities for collaboration on joint projects and other activities

Who can become a member of the CEEInno Platform?

  • Each Czech and foreign entity, which is:
    • company,
    • national, European, academic or scientific research institute
    • regional or local authority
    • non-profit organization

which is active and at the same time interested in cooperation in the field of advanced digitization of the industry.

What are the membership conditions?

The basic condition is to be activ in the field of digitization of the industry in the form of:

  • Production or active use of technologies related to philosophy of Industry 4.0
  • Using platform models for management, business, production, or distribution
  • Active cooperation with the corporate sector in the area of two above-mentioned areas

How to become a member of the CEEInno Platform?

  • Fill out the online form for those interested in membership (+ interactive link)
  • Wait for your membership application to be reviewed by the Platform Control Committee (+ interactive link)
  • Accept and sign the CEEInno Accession Agreement (automatically sent to all candidates for membership).

Membership of the CEEInno Platform is not subject to the payment of a membership fee. Members may, however, become Partners of the CEEInno Platform (+ interactive link) and contribute to the Platform’s activities voluntarily.