Asociace inovačního podnikání ČR

Systém inovačního podnikání v ČR (včetně členství a partnerství AIP ČR, z.s. v tuzemských a zahraničních organizacích: Asociace institucí vzdělávání dospělých ČR, z.s., CzechInno, z.s.p.o., Český svaz vědeckotechnických společností, z.s., Enterprise Europe Network ČR, ICSTI, Mezinárodní obchodní komora ČR, T.I.I.,

Technology Centre of the CAS

The Technology Centre of the CAS supports the participation of the Czech Republic in the European Research Area, prepares analytical and conceptual studies for research and development, performs international technology transfers and supports the creation and development of innovation businesses. 


We are a publicly beneficial company founded by the Statutary City of Hradec Králové. We assist both novice and experienced entrepreneurs. Our services promote and develop innovation activities of our clients. We offer a rental of offices, premises for light production including the basic equipment and services to the companies with an innovative potential. We provide consultations on starting new companies, creation of business plans, development plans and solution to industrial-legal protection issues. We help with the implementation of research and development results into practice. We follow the company expansion and its market penetration.

Národní centrum Průmyslu 4.0

Přispět k zavádění principů Průmyslu 4.0 v České republice, obzvláště do malých a středních podniků. Šířit osvětu o konceptu Průmyslu 4.0 a Společnosti 4.0 a poskytovat informace o technologických řešeních a dopadu technologického pokroku na společnost.

Opus Consulting

Opus Consulting focuses on organizational consultancy, urbanism and territorial planning, human resources and ICT consultancy.

The University of West Bohemia

The University of West Bohemia (UWB) is the only public institution of higher education based in the Pilsen Region. Currently, the University has nine faculties consisting of more than sixty departments and three institutes of higher education. More than 12,000 students studying at the University can choose from a wide of range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study programs, the choice of form of study, i.e. a full-time, part-time or combined form, being a matter of course.


University of Mining - Technical University of Ostrava, a university that has changed the present and the future of technical and economic fields for more than 165 years. It passes knowledge, develops skills and creates space for professional growth of individuals and company development in the area of technical and economic orientation.

Arcit Consulting

ArcIT has been operating on the market since 2016. It is concerned with the implementation of tools and enterprise software for data evaluation or digital content management.

Statistica PRO

TIBCO Spotfire and Statistics tools to get important information from data to help businesses make better decisions.

Znalecká kancelář Dr. Ludvíka, s.r.o.

Znalecká kancelář Dr. Ludvíka, s.r.o. offers a wide portfolio of consultancy and advisory services in the field of information and communication technologies.

Czech Startup Association

The Czech Startup Association connects ambitious entrepreneurs with enthusiastic investors.

ElA Blockchain

ElA brings together legal and natural persons of the electronic and electrical industries and that have common interests with the electrical industry. The Association defends the interests of employers on the principles of entrepreneurial democracy.


AVO is a voluntary association that represents the interests of  entities whose research and development results are largely commercialized. It is the only association in the Czech Republic that represents applied research and development in the business sector, ie research developed and operated mainly from private sources.


SMARTATELIÉR helps to build life-friendly cities that are constantly evolving in line with the needs of the population. Building a city with a picture of future development along with a long-term vision.


National Cybersecurity Competence Centre has been established in response to growing demands for practically applicable products and solutions for ensuring cybersecurity of critical and noncritical information infrastructures.

The Association Industry 4.0 Austria

The Association Industry 4.0 Austria facilitates the implementation of digital transformation in Austria and unifies the Industry 4.0 community. It aims to secure and create highly innovative industrial production and to boost quality employment, thus strengthening Austria’s future competitiveness.

Masaryk University

Masaryk University is a Czech university based in Brno. It was founded in 1919 as the second Czech university. The number of students in accredited degree programs is the second largest university in the Czech Republic.


Keboola is the creator of the cloud data processing platform. It connects data, people and systems in one place.


FundingBox is a guide for every entrepreneur to help grow. It provides access to funding opportunities, knowledge and links through dedicated communities.


ECONET OPENFUNDING provides not only subsidies but also business development. The main specialization is the data projects of the calls of OP EIC - applications, ICT and shared services.


Space Systems Czech Ltd. as an independent software vendor (ISV) focuses on developing advanced software that can do surprising things. Specifically, satellite management software, an online system for easy booking of medical care, advanced traffic planning or blockchain-based solutions.


The Czech-Pacific Alliance Chamber of Commerce (ČESTA) is a non-governmental organization promoting relations between the Czech Republic and the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile) and membership applicants (Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador).

Czech Smart City Cluster

The Czech Smart City Cluster (CSCC) creates a unique partnership between companies, government, self-government, knowledge institutions and city dwellers.


33A + is a Czech company that transforms industrial enterprises into digital ones and introduces its own unique solutions in the area of Smart Factory.

Industry Cluster 4.0

Industry Cluster 4.0 provides access to manufacturing companies and technology leaders and supports vocational training.

Network Security Monitoring Cluster

Network Security Monitoring Cluster, cooperative (hereinafter referred to as NSM Cluster) is a cooperative branch group focused on the area of computer network security and ICT security.


BizGarden specialises in the development and management of Research, Development and Innovation activities in companies and institutions, as well as in efficient support of developing an approachable and stimulating environment for these activities in the Czech Republic and the EU in cooperation with state authorities and agencies and trade organisations, associations and unions.


PATRIC is an international center of advanced technology and innovation research based in Prague.


ICUK is a respected player in the transformation of the Usti Region into a place where citizens, students, and enterprisers are happy to return and stay and where talented people also come with a desire to take an active role in that transformation.

Technology Innovation Center Zlín

Technology Innovation Center s.r.o. is a joint venture of Tomas Bata University in Zlín and the Zlín Region. Its mission is, among other things, to create conditions for the establishment and development of innovative companies.

VDT Technology

VDT Technology a.s. (Ltd.) is a Czech company that is (thanks to the partnership with leading global suppliers of security solutions and services) an important local partner with strong background and a team of experienced experts that helps customers quickly and efficiently adapt to new trends and legal requirements.

SIT Plzeň

Since 1998, SIT Plzeň has been working steadily to facilitate the everyday life of the inhabitants of Pilsen and the employees of municipal organizations. Thanks to our long-term experience and knowledge of public services, you come with many technological innovations supporting the development of a smart city.


Alpdest is an expert in digital marketing in tourist regions and destinations.


DataFriends evaluate and process data, are Elite partner of TIBCO Software Inc. for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Newton Media

NEWTON Media, as is a leader in media analysis and media monitoring in Central Europe.

CDTI Czech

CDTI Czech deals with the service of electronic devices, from initial diagnostics, through replacement of defective parts and software updates to final inspection and diagnostics.

Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab is engaged in practicing presentation skills in virtual reality. The entire Virtual Lab project is based on the concept of Holistic Management, which can help to improve the performance of companies, teams and individuals. .

Holistic Management

Holistic Management is a guarantee of improving the performance of companies, teams and individuals with the help of virtual reality and other state-of-the-art processes and technologies.


UnitX integrates the best available technology and helps shape the company of the future. It focuses primarily on process robotization (RPA), communication robotization (chatbot, voicebot) and Smart City Applications. It uses advanced tools to evaluate sentiment.