B2B Event

First of all, please register for the SMART BUSINESS FESTIVAL SK

and then sign up for the app on this link: http://smartbusinessfestivalsk.coolb2btalk.com/

B2B meetings will take place during the SK 2019 Smart Business Festival on September 24, 2019 between 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm and offer new business and strategic contacts to all who are looking for potential new partners among festival participants and who are especially interested in contacts in the program areas of the Smart Business Festival.

  • first register at the page “Smart Business Festival” , section “Registration” 
  • then sign via application for organizing B2B meetings
  • After checking all the formalities, our administrator activates your profile
  • After the profile is activated, you will be able to choose partners you would like to meet, as well as other registered firms can ask for a meeting  with you
  • The proposed appointments must accept  by both sides
  • Based on the profile registration, activation and sent and accepted applications for the meeting the personal schedule of meetings will be prepared and sent a week before the Festival
  • Personal assistance of our team members will be available during the Festival

It is necessary first to register for the Festival and then log in to the Brokerage application, your profile will be activated immediately.



For further information, please, contact us via email info@czechinno.cz or call +420 608 86 86 56