Offer for exhibitors

Are you a dynamic company that is always looking for new opportunities for your development? Do you have clever solution which can help other companies? Are you interested in gaining new clients and business partners who are the leaders and visionaries in their fields of business?

Participate the Festival as an exhibitor and introduce your company and your own clever solution to other companies.

Benefits of the Smart Business Festival

The main aim of the Smart Business Festival is:

  • To inform about the services supporting business, which are offered by the presented institutions : Introductory lecture block
  • To provide more information on smart solutions in areas to which the Festival focuses, ie .: Material resources – Human Resources – Finance – Marketing – Logistics – Digitization – Consulting – Services
  • To inform about the practical consequences of so called. Industry 4.0 in everyday business life and the possibilities of using its elements in every company, whatever its business area: thematic workshop entitled Ready for 4.0? / 4 4.0 Ready?
  • To give notice to services, that the companies can use (free or low-cost) to rationalize their business
  • To enable direct contact between all organizations supporting business, exchange of information and best practices in an innovative approach to business
  • To offer a comparison with other EU member states with a similar situation as in the Czech Republic

What will be included in the exhibitor package?

  • Presentation, contact information and a place for your company
  • Instant business opportunities
  • We will engage you in series of organized B2B meetings, where you will be able to get new smart solutions for your business, but also new business partners who are leaders and visionaries in their field of business
  • Free admission to the Festival for your business partners
  • You will get the individual opportunity to present your company and own smart solutions
  • The participation of representatives from your company on the gala evening of the Festival with the participation of VIP guests
  • The possibility of cooperation in the field of your PR, we will be glad to arrange for you

We make sure, that we offer to all participants, exhibitors and lecturers the highest possible value including the balanced content and the possibility of establishing effective cooperation.

Price is 1000 eur without VAT.

Do you want to participate in the project as a professional partner?

Offer for partner package of Smart business festival:

  • Presentation of an innovative product or service within the program of the conference in the panel Smart business festival max. 20 min. (The organizer reserves the right to determine the date and time of the performance)
  • Lease of space for presentation stand 3 × 3 m2, 9 m2 Other technical and organizational security

The standard price of the partnership package is € 7,000 excluding VAT.

Discounted price of partnership package for agencies under the authority of the co-organizer of the event of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic is € 2,000 excluding VAT. Contact us and we will prepare an individual offer. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal!

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